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Global Commons seeks to source it garments and materials from the most sustainable means. As finances allow, we are adopting more and more sustainable practices. This is our process and journey. 


Our garments are made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Some four garments aren't sustainable for the first release, however, our fan favorites are sustainable and if a design reaches popularity we will work tirelessly to make it eco-friendly. We currently create with The Eco-conscious blank garments.


Printing & Packaging

GC designs and prints all their own graphics in New Mexico. All print work is helping promote and invest on the local community.

We use sustainable packing from our product bags to our mailers. Our product bags from Wastebased are hot water-soluble, carbon-negative alternatives to traditional poly bags. You can dispose of used bags in boiling water and they’ll break down into mineralized biomass and non-toxic ink in seconds! Our shipping boxes are recycled and recyclable. We also use the carbon-neutral shipping service Sendle. Click our embedded links to learn more about these amazing companies.

Giving back

As the GC team grows, we will invest more money into our community projects. This will look like market events for local artists and personal health kits for those afflicted by homelessness. 

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