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"Be the Change"

Global Commons is a sustainable streetwear Startup brand. Our aim is to improve the sustainability of the fashion industry. We want to improve our environment as well support and be active in our communities. The more people we reach on this journey, the more impactful the change. Through clothing and accessories, we give people the opportunity to express themselves in ways that create joy and positivity. 


Due to our financial and equipment limitations, we can't always afford organic or recycled materials for our garments. Some of our garments aren't sustainable, but we are transparent about this. As a start-up, we pledge to try and improve our practices while finding the most sustainable ways to grow and provide eco-friendly products. 

Our company donates proceeds from certain sales and campaigns to organizations and causes. If you have a cause you want to GC support, please fill out a contact form. 

Our Team

Global Commons was founded by Fernando Romo, Sergio Orozco, Hever Torres, Ryan Jaramillo, Gigi Monroe and Paul Melendez. 

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